8:30:15_IMG_1730Beautiful, very colorful, cheerful, and full of sunshine dresses by Poppy of England. It’s the same Martha style dress in Boats print on both girls, just different color. Girls love reading stories that come with every dress. So much fun with every order from this awesome British brand!



7:26:15_IMG_0718Ellie is wearing Poppy of England Betty Butterfly dress in Rose Pink that almost perfectly matched Alice’s colors of Little Wings Ellie top in Birdie print by Matilda Jane Platinum and Matilda Jane Pink Lemonade Shorties. Both girls are wearing Mini Melissa jelly shoes: Ellie’s are Ultragirl Cats in translucent yellow, and Alice’s are Ultragirl Sweet slippers in coral pink.

12/24/14 Christmas Eve


I think it’s becoming a tradition – for the Christmas party the girls are wearing storytelling border print dresses. Ellie’s Betty dress in London print is by Poppy of England. She’s wearing it with Joyfolie Elery boots in Latte color, and accessorized with Persnickety Lace necklace and Zaya-Ann headband. Alice’s Phoebe Winter Wonderland dress in Balmoral Border print is by Joules. Her boots are Lacey in Rose by Joyfolie, and she’s accessorized with Persnickety Lace sash and Creamsicle headband.

12/24/13 Christmas Party

12:24:13_IMG_2385_ChristmasAs promised, here are the dresses – aren’t they amazing? Recently I discovered this brand called Poppy from England. Turns out no retailer sells it in US. What?! Somebody, please start selling them here, because these dresses are dreamy! Ok, here is the story: Poppy is an adventurous girl who has a dog Fred and goes with him everywhere. Every dress comes with a book of a little story about this or that adventure. That’s what’s so special about them – they are not just border print dresses, they are storytelling border print dresses. Both of my girls are wearing the same outfit: Martha dress in red from the Aunt Eva collection by Poppy over Persnickety Cream Mesh basic tees with Cream Mesh cuffs, Persnickety headbands, and almost the same Livie and Luca Peacock shoes in black, Alice’s are with cream peacocks and Ellie’s are with pink.