3:8:15_IMG_3799I enjoyed putting together these reversed outfits – whatever Ellie has in hot pink, Alice has in grey; and whatever Ellie has in grey, Alice has in hot pink. Ellie’s outfit: Kenzo fuchsia velvet dress over Persnickety Grey Dot basic long sleeve tee and leggings. Her shoes with hearts are See Kai Run Francesca Mary Janes in peach. Alice is wearing Cozy Jumper dress by Morgan & Milo over Mini Boden Everyday T-shirt in Blood Orange/Cerise stripe and matching Fine Stripe tights. Her boots are Joyfolie Maci Gray. Persnickety Elsa braid in her hair.



5:6:14_IMG_7811Girls are wearing Deux par Deux black and white striped dresses, Alice’s with a Bow, and Ellie’s with Fake Cardi. With her dress Alice is wearing Desigual Perdiguero Violet leggings, and Ellie – Kenzo Blueberry and Fuchsia tights. Livie and Luca Navy Patent Blossom shoes on Alice (they are so dark that it looks like black) and Black Patent Roxie boots on Ellie. Alice put on the fingerless gloves by A.Bird.


3:27:14_bothI couldn’t catch a picture of the girls together in their matching red/purple outfits, so I’m posting them side by side. Alice is wearing a Desigual set of Cir Red Minnie Mouse bubble dress for Disney and Perdiguero Violet leggings. I like that metallic shine on the pattern that is asymmetrically only on one leg. She wears it with a pair of Zara basketball boots. Ellie’s outfit is from Parisian fashion house Kenzo, Red Floral Cross-Over asymmetric dress and matching Blueberry and Fuchsia tights. Livie and Luca Red Blossom shoes.