10:11:15_IMG_4086 10:11:15_IMG_4093

Alice’s grey shirt-dress by Paper Wings is called Sketchy Peacock. That’s because there’s a huge pink peacock on the back. She’s wearing Paisley shorts of the same brand under it. Her boots are Joyfolie Macis. Ellie wore Blu Pony Vintage Selma L. Party dress in fawn and gold. Her shoes are Zara Leather Ballerina flats. Headband – Jak & Peppar Empress.


9:27:15_IMG_3441Here is another set of black and white outfits. Alice wore Blu Pony Vintage Olivia Midnight Floral dress. Her leg warmers are Mustard Pie Crochet Ankle Flairs in Vanilla worn with Dr. Martens Brooklee boots. Ellie’s Persnickety outfit is combined of pieces from different years’ collections: Black Owl top can be called vintage and Audrey skirt is pretty recent. Her shoes are called Avery Scalloped and are by Joyfolie. Both headbands are by Persnickety: Iris headband on Alice, and Goldielocks headband on Ellie.

5/10/15 Mother’s Day

5:10:15_IMG_6347_MothersDayI delegated taking pictures to my son and got into the shot. He did great, just Alice wouldn’t stop making faces :)) The girls are wearing Blu Pony Vintage Selma L. Party dresses, in black and gold – on Ellie and fawn and gold – on Alice. Alice is borrowing Ellie’s dress in smaller size, so it looks like a top on her. She’s wearing it with Persnickety Black Knickers from Holiday collection. Ellie’s shoes are Bloch Glitz black sparkly ballet flats, and Alice is wearing jelly flats with large bows and peep toes called Ultragirl Sweet IX by Melissa.