5:19:15_IMG_6539 5:19:15_IMG_6556Oilily yellow pleather jumper dress is worn over Matilda Jane set of Lichen Tee and Truest Compass Ribbed leggings. I love how wide and loose this jumper is, the enormous amount of pockets, and fuzzy appliqué on the back! The yellow of Chelsea boots in Sunflower Patent leather by Mini Boden matched the jumper perfectly. They are from current Boden collection and still available in all sizes!


5:1:15_IMG_6138Mini Boden Hotchpotch Jersey dresses: Hot Coral Pears on Ellie and Pink Stripe Seagulls on Alice. Tea Collection leggings: Zuha Metallic Capri in gold diamond print on Ellie and in silver stripe on Alice. Matilda Jane headbands: Vintage Bloom on Ellie and Gypsy Blue on Alice. Ellie’s shoes are Printed Pumps in Strawberry from Next Direct, and Alice’s are Knoll Cloud Blue by Livie and Luca.


3:8:15_IMG_3799I enjoyed putting together these reversed outfits – whatever Ellie has in hot pink, Alice has in grey; and whatever Ellie has in grey, Alice has in hot pink. Ellie’s outfit: Kenzo fuchsia velvet dress over Persnickety Grey Dot basic long sleeve tee and leggings. Her shoes with hearts are See Kai Run Francesca Mary Janes in peach. Alice is wearing Cozy Jumper dress by Morgan & Milo over Mini Boden Everyday T-shirt in Blood Orange/Cerise stripe and matching Fine Stripe tights. Her boots are Joyfolie Maci Gray. Persnickety Elsa braid in her hair.


2:28:15_IMG_3639Ellie wore Oilily World Peas top, and Alice – Russian Doll Matryoshka Lily tee, also by Oilily. Ellie’s shorts were from Next, while Alice was wearing brown Gap shorts that match the brown of the top. Both girls wore same Mini Boden Fox Knee tights. See Kai Run Francesca Mary Jane shoes in peach for Ellie, and Livie and Luca Knoll Cloud Blue shoes on Alice.