6:14:14_IMG_8972Ooh, that wall is bright. Ellie’s outfit is a mix of Matilda Jane Pink Petal Ruffle Capris and Gap spaghetti strap top. It’s purple color supports the purple of Alice’s Butterfly Lulu dress from It’s A Wonderful Parade collection by Matilda Jane. She’s wearing it with Persnickety Yellow Triple Ruffle leggings and Yellow Abby headband. Ellie’s 1st (First) Day of Spring headband is by Matilda Jane Platinum. Her shoes are Sky Blue Petals by Livie and Luca. Alice’s purple shoes are Pazitos Eggplant Cinderella Flats.


5:4:14_IMG_7757I love these vibrant stripes in combination with very saddle, almost neutral colors. Both Matilda Jane dresses, Maggie at Tea on Ellie and Chasing Daisy on Alice, plus Alice’s Royal Big Ruffles, are all from Heart Soul Pride / Character Counts collection. Ellie’s Road Trip Bennys leggings are from Matilda Jane Platinum. Girls’ headbands are from Paint by Numbers collection – Splatter headband and Nancy in Burgundy. Yellow Livie and Luca Petal shoes for both.


3:21:14_IMG_5955These pieces are from Heart Soul Pride / Character Counts collection by Matilda Jane. On Alice: Sienna Puffer tee under the Broadway Knot dress with Goldenrod leggings, M2M hair clip, and PePe Prairie boots. On Ellie: same Sienna Puffer tee under the Nora Wrap dress with Harriet leggings that are from MJ Platinum Essentials. MJ Adahleen hair clip and Livie and Luca Holland boots finish her outfit.


1:13:14_IMG_3983I love these burnt fall colors from Hart Soul Pride/Character Counts collection by Matilda Jane. On Alice: Nora Wrap dress over Sienna Puffer tee and Harriet leggings that are from MJ Platinum Essentials. On Ellie: Vigilante tank dress over the same Sienna Puffer tee, with Goldenrod leggings. Boots are PePe Prairie in faded brown for Alice and Livie and Luca Holland in brown for Ellie.


11:9:13_IMG_0084 11:9:13_IMG_0245An evening outing in Matilda Jane. Ellie is wearing Monroe hooded dress with Reggie tights from Heart Soul Pride/Character Counts collection. This dress looks absolutely adorable, especially in smaller sizes, and the hood is so long, it’s almost touching the floor – love it! Livie and Luca Bay boots. Alice is wearing Matilda Jane Platinum Secret Garden dress over Ginger Brown tee from You & Me collection, Lemon tights from Serendipity collection, and Gap leg warmers. Our favorite PePe Prairie boots to finish her outfit.