7:6:14_IMG_0014Blu Pony Vintage floral party dress seems to blend well with Apple Blossom collection from Persnickety. The dress is called Dorothy L, and Alice is wearing it with Zara Leather Ballerina flats in pink and Persnickety Vintage pink headband. Ellie is wearing Persnickety Peplum Lou Lou top and Cream Floral Mae shorts. She’s accessorized with a Creamsicle headband from the same Persnickety collection, and her shoes are Livie and Luca pink Petals.


2 thoughts on “7/6/14

    • I think it runs pretty much true to size or maybe just tiny bit smaller. Alice is 6 on this photo and wears this dress in size 7, but my girls are tall, and I always had to size up for them.

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