1:1:15_IMG_1561For a trip to the zoo we wore somewhat equestrian style. Ellie is wearing Quilted Vest in tan and Plaid Ponte pants by Janie and Jack from their English Rider collection. Her puffer  sleeve top is Persnickety Shoe Applique tee. Shoes are Joyfolie Harlow in brown with cream pleats and black bows. Alice has all pieces by different designers on. Her Persnickety ruffle sleeve tee is from Pretty in Pink collection with the Audrey Hepburn quote ‘I Believe in PINK’. Over it Alice has a Blu Pony Vintage plaid light jacket on, Lenora H. style. Her quilted tan skirt is from Derby Darling collection by Janie and Jack. Fur brown boots are Larisa2 by Petasil.


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