6/15/14 Father’s Day

6:15:14_IMG_9081_FathersDayOn Father’s Day girls were excited to wear colors and patterns to honor Dad (and it’s my favorite palette too). Alice’s dress is Blu Pony Vintage Clara B. in Copper Plaid. She’s wearing Ellie’s Daydreamer Big Ruffles by Matilda Jane underneath. She has a pair of these pants in her size as well, but we didn’t want ‘pant with dress’ look this time, so we needed something shorter. A stretchy waistband allows her to wear much smaller sizes of that style comfortably. That way we visually created an additional layer of the dress, and these pants protect Alice from an accidental underwear flash, giving her the freedom of movement. Her light blue headband is Persnickety Fairy Dust from Sail Away collection, and the shoes are Joyfolie Kats. Ellie has a mix of brands in her outfit as well. Wrapping her head is Matilda Jane Popcorn headband from Serendipity collection. It has long ties on the back that are hanging like a scarf – love it! Her top is Hotline Anna from a very old Matilda Jane line of 2009. Persnickety Bloomers in cream are from Apple Blossom collection. PePe suede Mary Janes in Star Print for the shoes.


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