2:21:15_IMG_3445 2:21:15_IMG_3491The girls are wearing Persnickety Jetta coats, Ellie’s coat is from winter 2013 collection, and Alice’s – is from the latest Holiday 2014 collection. Ellie hasn’t lost her baby plumpness yet, and I’m sizing up for her – so while her coat is perfect in width, it looks much longer than it should, and we have to roll up the sleeves. The lining of her coat is made of the same material as her Pintuck Gaucho pants from Nob Hill collection. She’s wearing them with Dollcake Bells and Whistles tunic. Alice is wearing Mustard Pie Amelia top in sage and yellow under her coat. It almost looks like a dress due to abundance of lace ruffles, that create extra length for this tunic. Persnickety triple ruffle leggings in gold are a perfect color match to the yellow polka dots of the top. Joyfolie boots on both, Elery in latte on Ellie, and Lacey boots in tan on Alice.


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