11/27/14 Thanksgiving

11:27:14_IMG_5309_ThanksgivingOkay, last Thanksgiving set of outfits, and the favorite one! This Matilda Jane dress I had to get in the next size up from the last year – this is the dress that made me fall in love with this brand. It’s called Percy Knot apron dress with apple applique and it’s from You & Me collection. Alice is wearing it over MJ Cinnamon long sleeve tee. Her leggings are Persnickety, headband Jak & Peppar Empress (noticed how often it’s needed at fall?)) and PePe shoes in antique bronze. Ellie’s outfit has a story too. This Miss Sixty Jacket and Jeans set I bought a while ago for Alice, but when it arrived she didn’t fit in it. I loved it so much that didn’t want to part with it just yet, so it stayed to wait for Ellie to grow up. I didn’t expect it to fit her this year, as it’s a size 4, but she grew so much these last few months that it fit her at 2 and a half! We just rolled the sleeves twice and voila! Under the jacket she’s wearing the same Matilda Jane Cinnamon tee that Alice is wearing. Her Harvest headband is by MJ as well. Shoes are Livie and Luca Clove in yellow embossed leather. I love all the vintage spirit in both of these sets – washed out colors of the dress, knit extensions of the jacket sleeves, “legwarmer”part of the pants, patches, stripes – everything’s just perfect for my liking!


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