10:16:14_IMG_2974 10:16:14_IMG_2987Today girls are wearing ‘unmixed’ outfits, same brand each. Ellie is dressed in all Persnickety: Grey Baby Cord Riding pants (Vintage Woodland) and Shoes Applique Puffer Sleeve top under the Grey Alice vest. Alice is wearing all Jak & PepparPep School Cargo Patch Forrest Skinnies with Heartfelt Hoodie over Joplin High Low Tunic, both in Charcoal Motif. I love the back of that top! In the morning Ellie had Dr. Martens Brooklee boots in Black Mini Tydee. Then she changed into Livie and Luca gold Pio Pio shoes. Alice was wearing Brocade Maisole PePe boots in Taupe all day. The Fox backpack from The Land of Nod is called Teacher’s Pet.


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