10:17:13_IMG_5878 10:17:13_IMG_5936It is definitely not a modeling day for Ellie – she wants to be a driver, not a model! Why should she always ride in a carseat? Can’t she go in a driver’s seat for once?! 🙂 So, just a quick snapshot while I’m convincing her to wait until she’s 16. Or older…

She’s wearing Persnickety Scissor Applique Top from Pink Lace and Pinecones collection, Naartjie brown shorts, cream tights, with Livie and Luca Bay boots. Alice is wearing shorts today as well. They are from Gap. Then there is Persnickety Graphic Leah top, purple stripe leg warmers, ice skating tights, PePe Prairie boots in faded brown, and in her hair there is Matilda Jane Adahleen pin.



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